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High Quality Kayaba Final Drive - Final Drive Motor WTM-09 – WEITAI

WTM-09 Final Drive is consisted of Swash-plate Piston Motor integrated with high strength planetary gearbox. It is widely used for Excavators, Drilling Rigs, Mining Equipment and other Crawler Equipment.

Model Max Working Pressure Max. Output Torque Max. Output Speed Speed Oil Port Application
WTM-09 30 MPa 11500 N.m 51 rpm 2-speed 4 ports 7-9 Ton

Key Features:
Swash-plate Axial Piston Motor with high efficiency.
Double speed Motor with large ration for widely usage.
Build-in parking brake for safety.
Extremely compact volume and light weight.
Reliable quality and high durability.
Travel smoothly with very low noisy.
Optional Free-wheel device.
Automatic speed changing function is optional.

◎ Specifications

Motor Displacement

34/53 cc/r

Working pressure

30 Mpa

Speed control pressure

2~7 Mpa

Ratio options


Max. torque of Gearbox

10500 N.m

Max. speed of Gearbox

51 rpm

Machine application

7~9 Ton

◎ Connection

Frame connection diameter


Frame flange bolt


Frame flange P.C.D.


Sprocket connection diameter


Sprocket flange bolt


Sprocket flange P.C.D.


Flange distance


Approximate weigth

95kg (210lbs)

Most of our WTM Travel Motor standard models are with stock and send out immediately.
Freewheel is optional for special requirements.
Komatsu Final Drive application machiens:
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