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A6VM160 Axial Piston Variable Motor

A6VM160 series Motor is a widely used open and closed loop variable motor for high pressure circumstances. The high pressure could be made 450 bar and various control types. It is widely used in Agricultural machinery, Construction machinery, Aerial Lift, and industrial applications. Features: Typical Bent-axis design Motor. Standard high pressure motor for widely usages.

Robust motor with long service life.

Approved for very high rotational speeds.

High control range (can be swiveled to zero).

High torque.

Variety of controls for different applications.

Optionally with flushing and boost-pressure valve mounted.

Optionally with mounted high-pressure counterbalance valve.

Optionally with Speed transducer.

Optionally with Pressure sensor.

Parameters: A6VM160 Connection dimensions (Interchangeable with Rexroth A6VM160 Motor). Various shaft options and control methords available.

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