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A6VE28 Variable Plug-in Motor

A6VE28/63 series plug-in motor is a widely used open and closed loop variable motor for high-pressure circumstances. The high pressure could be made 450 bar and various control types. This type of hydraulic plunger pump is a plug-in structure and usually works with a mechanical gearbox to achieve a higher torque. Features: Typical Bent-axis design Motor. Standard high-pressure plug-in motor for wide usage.

Far-reaching integration in the mechanical gearbox.

Easy to install, plug into the mechanical gearbox.

For use especially in mobile applications.

Optionally with a flushing valve mounted.

Optionally with mounted high-pressure counterbalance valve.

Optionally with speed transducer.

Optionally with a pressure sensor.

  Control type: HD – Proportional control hydraulic EP – Proportional control electric HZ – Two-point control hydraulic EZ – Two-point control electric Connection dimensions (Interchangeable with Rexroth A6VE28 Motor).

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